Why Outsource Your Billing?

The staff at Medical Billing Revenue Management Inc, is backed with 25 years experience in medical billing and coding knowledge and experience.

Incorrect coding and billing of your medical claims is the number one reason for loss of revenue in most practices. Simply put, if you’re not billing and coding correctly, you’re losing money. Sometimes your medical claims will be partially paid, other times they will be completely denied.

This causes lost time because your staff will need to go back, pull the file, verify what procedure was done, look up the code to make sure it hasn’t change and refile and resubmit the claim. When you consider on the average about 30% of claims are denied or kicked back for errors, throw in the fact sometimes medical billing codes can change 4 times in one year and now with all the new coding with the ICD-10, you’re spending a lot of time and money on medical claims you are not getting reimbursed for. You may think the remedy would be to hire an additional person to handle your medical billing in-house, this would be a good example of “throwing money after money”.

Medical Billing OutsourceThis is a good time to think about outsourcing your medical billing. You will move the avalanche of paperwork out of your office and free your staff up to help you run your practice and service patients.

We here at Medical Billing Revenue Management Inc keep up with the current and anticipated changes in the healthcare industry. We know how important correct billing and coding is and the quality of correct billing can effect your offices revenue. We guarantee claims review prior to submission to insure your claims are filed correctly and you get fully reimbursed in a timely manner.

Reimbursement time for paper claims is about 4 weeks, electronic claims filed by your medical billing partner will see a check sent to you for medical claim reimbursement within about 2 weeks. This will enable you to begin having a reimbursement cash flow that you can count on to grow and build your practice even larger. And help decrease your outstanding A/R.

Our Services

Are you aware that approximately 35% of the average medical practice's total revenue now comes from patient payments? This means that thousands of dollars can be lost every year if your billing staff are not diligently maintaining outstanding patient accounts.

Medical BillingLet the experts at Medical Billing Revenue Management Inc. help reduce these financial losses by focusing on these key components:

  1. Missed Charges - Making sure that CPT codes are being charged at their correct level...s, Proper coding and clinical documentation can make or break a well-run practice.
  2. Downcoding/Undercoding - Many offices select billing codes that are lower than services rendered, being cautious out of fear of being audited can cost a single doctor close to $40,000 a year in revenue.
  3. Denials - Offices can lose a large portion of revenue if they are not following up on claim denials. Approximately 30% of claims are denied on the first submission and 60% of those claims are never resubmitted, meaning your office will not be paid for those services.
  4. Overstaffing - Employee salaries make up to a quarter of all practice's costs. Evaluate your office staff and consider the experts at Medical Billing Revenue Management Inc.

We Use eThomas for our Billing Software.

Medical Billing ethomas

eThomas is a total health office management automation system. It is top of the line in healthcare management and billing software products, automating functions such as medical billing, financial analysis, electronically generate claims, invoices, statements, EOB's and inquiries. Built-in comprehensive claim edits and pre-billing reports to minimize rejections. Track Accounts Receivables with sweeping claims management reports.

  • eThomas features comprehensive security and activity tracking for HIPAA compliance and confidentiality
  • eThomas- Automated payment memorization feature, tracks procedure allowed amounts, pay rates, copayment values and participating adjustments.
  • eThomas- patient statements feature automatically transfers co-pays to patient side of the ledger from insurance side
  • eThomas- Built in reports can be reviewed by summarized or detail-level. Other reports are; year to date, delinquent accounts, aging claims, procedure summaries and payment allocation.

Physician office staff can have access to upload patient demographics, scan insurance and Identification cards.